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  • Photos of Liberty Camp 2004

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  • Since 1996, classical liberals (libertarians) have spent a week together at a summer camp by the beach in Lithuania (Lietuva).

    Click on thumbnail one to Zoom This is one of the advanced groups with Serban, our sole representative from Romania at the left. He was funded by the Horia Rusu Foundation.

    Libertarian materials in English, such as Ken Schoolland's Travels of Jonathan Gullible, have formed the core of the curriculum.

    This is Elena Rakova, economist from Belarus and young friend, one Jerzy Waszyngton Browne. Click on thumbnail two to Zoom

    The primary purpose is to help libertarians in East/Central Europe improve their English, to help both in general life and specifically to understand the lectures and dicussions at the International Society for Individual Liberty ISIL conferences.

    Click on thumbnail one to Zoom In the group photo you can see Jaroslav Romanchuk in the middle.

    In this one you can see Judith Hatton of the UK and her intermediate group - who adored her. Click on thumbnail two to Zoom

    The Liberty English camp is co-hosted by Virgis Daukas of club Nuomone, and Dr. Giedre Kvieskiene of Vilnius Pedagogical University and the College of Democracy.

    Click on thumbnail one to Zoom This is Kevin teaching Anna (the redhead) and Andrea (blond), two friends from Ukraine who came to our camp.

    The one is of Vytas and Giedre's daughter Agla and friends. Click on thumbnail two to Zoom

    Libertarian Summer Seminar

    Photos of Liberty Camp for 2003

    Photos of Liberty Camp for 2004

    Photos of Liberty Camp for 2005

    Reginas Photos of Liberty Camp 2005

    Liberty English Learning Camp

    Lithuanian Liberty Summer Seminar Draws Students from Ukraine, Belarus, Romania

    by Kevin Bjornsson

    Lithuanian Liberty Summer Seminar

         As Rick Steves of the Travels in Europe US TV program has said, "Why not be part of the party, instead of the tourist economy." You don't have to take part in an archeological dig in Greece to have an educational and authentic experience.

         Every year since 1996, advocates and students of liberty have met for a week-long summer camp at Lietuva on the Baltic coast of Lithuania.

         The purpose of this Liberty Camp is to familiarize students with English, the language used at the Libertarian conferences in Europe. An interesting ingredient of the training procedure is to include libertarian texts as the basic reading material (the libertarian philosophy is an eagerly-received novelty in this formerly communist region).

         We had for the first time, in the summer of 2002, a significant number of University students and professors from neighboring Belarus and the Ukraine (most of them on ISIL scholarships).

         The intellectual level of libertarian discussion was quite high - and we enjoyed being right on the Baltic coastline where we were able to use the camp's sauna, and also walk 5 klicks into nearby Palanga (past the male and female nude beaches).

         Next year, we anticipate a significantly larger number of scholarship students from East and Central Europe, and may hold the seminar by on lake Trakai near Vilnius.

         Serban of Romania attended with help from the Horia Rusu foundation in Bucharest and will help us to include more countries to make this a truly regional get-together.

              On this site you'll be able to peruse essays written by scholarship applicants, and even ask questions about the essays. This way, those wishing to make donations may provide input, if they wish, into the selection of scholarship recipients.

         Virgis Daukas of Vilnius coordinates the program.

         An ISIL rep and president of Club Nuomone (the seminar co-sponsor), Virgis also hosts a weekly TV political discussion program in Vilnius. His wife, Ilona, assists companies affected by the upcoming admission of Lithuania into the EU.

         In 2002 , we had another appearance by Ken Schoolland, Jonathan Gullible author, ISIL director, and professor of economics at Hawaii Pacific University. Ken is able to provide personal direction and participation in JG skits.

         Ken's recently-published third edition of The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible is even better, and probably the best yet for introducing the ideas of liberty around the world.

         The presentation is jargon-free, and harnesses the power of analogy. The JG plays allow those unfamiliar with libertarian ideas to sympathize with, and participate in, skits illustrating the ideas. The JG website is

         Stephen Browne pioneered the idea of promoting liberty through the teaching of English as a second language - using libertarian texts - and has presided over numerous of these events. He teaches English in Warsaw, and has authored many articles in publications such as Liberty magazine. His wife, Monika, teaches English to youngsters in Warsaw, and is mother to their young son, Jerzy.

         Long-time freedom activist Judith Hatton (who lives near London) again regaled us with her poetry, including an unpublished Kipling poem about Woodrow Wilson:

    "He lies beneath the earth he made his own;
    and now he's dead, God rules the world, alone."

         Beginners were taught by American expatriate Michael Rudmin, digital entrepreneur and teacher in a Lithuanian high school.

         Another teacher was Elena Rakova an economist from Minsk, who works for privatization in Belarus. She has been attending these seminars for three years.

         Your English teaching abilities are needed. There is a great demand in East and Central Europe to learn English. Even if you don't have a teaching background, a knowledge of liberty studies and a communicative personality will earn you much gratitude.

    *Would you like to have an authentic, meaningful vacation this summer while enjoying comraderie at a seaside or lakeside camp?

    *We are inviting libertarian scholars and teachers to help us teach English using classical liberal reading material.

         If you can't participate in the teaching seminar, please consider making a donation to the scholarship fund. Please contact me at

        Due to one of the lowest standards of living in Europe (monthly incomes of $30 a month for 40% of the people), students and activists from neighboring regions may not be able to attend without your help.

         If you would like to be a participant in or contributor to this exciting political movement, please contact Kevin at:

    Travel Information

         There are now affordable flights going into the capital, Vilnius. Inexpensive buses also take the visitor into Vilnius proper, including the train and bus stations. From Vilnius, Lake Trakai is a short 25 minute bus/train ride.

        Those from the West coast of North America may wish to fly the polar route into Moscow (saving hours of flight time), and transferring to a smaller plane for a flight into Vilnius. No Russian visa is required if you don't leave the Moscow airport.

         L.A.L. ( Lithianian Air Lines ) has cheap flights From Amtsterdam <---> Vilnius, about 49 Euros.


    *Whether Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced--improve your English and discuss liberty with scholars and teachers.

    *Qualify for sponsorship in Libertarian conferences by participating in our pre-requisite Advanced Studies.

    Send me an email with the following scholarship application information.

    E-mail address
    Street address
    Phone number
    Occupation, if employed
    Major, if a student
    Academic degrees completed

    Faculty and Administration

    For information on teaching at the camp send an email to Kevin or Glen.
    Andy Eyschen is a computer pioneer and entrepeneur, who now works as a consultant to major companies and governments
    Jayant works as a business development consultant in Vancouver, Canada. His earlier assignments included very successfully starting, developing and managing subsidiary operations of two high technology European companies in India. He did his MBA from Manchester Business School, UK. And his first degree is in Computer Engineering from University of Indore, India. He loves to write for the cause of liberty.
    Regina Ruibiene Was born in Taurage, The Republic of Lithuania and lives with her family in Vilnius. She graduated from the Vilnius University with an M.A. in Filology. For many years Regina worked with students in secondary school.; in 1994 established Youth school and later in 1996 with partner - Children Home for Interim Care for children deprived of parent’s care. Now she is a lecturer in Social Communication Institute of Vilnius Pedagogical University and vice director for social partnership of Social Communication Institute. Area of interests: child problems, active citizenship, civic education for democracy, human and children rights. Participation in the public work: An elected assessor of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Lithuania 1990-1994; Member of International Coordinating Committee for Youth Problems. Training of specialists for youth work, organizing of youth summer camps 1992-1998; Member of non-governmental organizations: Lithuanian Association of Social Educators, Lithuanian College of Democracy ( Program coordinator - Civic Education, Liberty English Camp and other programs). She organizes Liberty English Camp in Lithuania since 2002.

    Giedre Kvieskiene -
    Director, Vilnius Pedagogical Institute and President College of Democracy

    Professor, doctor of Social Sciences,

    Director of Social Communication Institute of Vilnius Pedagogical University,

    President of Confederation Lithuanian NGOs, working for Children,

    Director of Lithuanian College of Democracy.

    Area of interests : Social Education and Youth Leisure Activities, International project development in democracy and Civic Education, Child rights and possibility for equal education, project writing and managing.

    Judith Hatton worked for the British War Department during WWII. She is the co-author with Ralph Harris of the Classic smoker's rights book, Murder a cigarette

    Since 1996 Remigijus has endowed the institute's activities with high-quality legal expertise. His public policy work entails a wide variety of issues, including privatisation, NGO and employment regulation, education reform and public procurement issues. Remigijus holds Ph.D. in social sciences from the Law University of Lithuania.

    Ugnius is responsible for presenting LFMI work and ideas to the business community and state institutions, thus expanding the circle of advocates and supporters of the free market. Having joined LFMI in 1996, Ugnius generates ideas on how to reduce bureaucracy, combat corruption and liberalise business conditions. Ugnius holds a M.A. in philosophy from Lomonosov University in Moscow and a diploma in economics from Vilnius University.

    In 1997 Guoda started a survey of macroeconomic variables at LFMI. Her public policy work encompasses social security and health care reform, telecommunications and information technologies. Guoda holds a diploma in mathematics from Vilnius University and a M.Sc. from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University..

    Kevin Bjornson -
    Facilities Coordinator
    Chair of Scholarship Selection Committee.
    BA, Concordia College
    Tesl Certificate
    Seattle Pacific University.

    Glenn watching students riding horses near the lake. Glen has software training.

    Student Comments


    there i spend my time very nice and fun. i met a lot of great and interesting people. i hope that next year I could go there too. thanks one more time

    Sponsor Donations

    *Due to low costs of living in the area, you may easily sponsor students from Lithuania for $150 and /or others ( from Ukraine, Romania, etc. ) for $250.

    For information how you may be a sponsor, please contact Glen or Kevin

    A sample of students and their essays appear below. Click on an essay to view it.

    Student Essay Name
    Katsiaryna What is Liberty
    Inga Liberty
    Antos Three short stories
    Viktorija European Union and Lithuania